5 best Young Living Essential Oils for Emotional Support

5 best Young Living Essential Oils for Emotional Support
If you've ever heard someone say to you that essential oils can help with your emotions but didn't understand why then this article is for you. Have you noticed how Lavender is being put into products like candles, pillowcases and air fresheners? That is because Lavender plants can make you feel much calmer so of course, the more concentrated form of those plants known as essential oils will be more effective

How do essential oils affect emotions?

If you've ever watched the Pixar animated movie Inside Out then you'll know that no movie has better captured how complex human emotions can be. The story follows an 11-year-old girl who learns to navigate her 5 main emotions fear, anger, joy, disgust, and sadness. Had this little girl had some essential oils then she would have been able to give herself a little extra support. How do essential oils affect emotions you ask?

Simply put inhaling essential oils activates the olfactory system which is the part of the brain connected to smell. Once the molecules reach the brain they activate the limbic system which is responsible for regulating things like heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stress, hormones and more. By strategically inhaling specific essential oils you are in essence 'hacking' how your body perceives its environment. Or more correctly put, you are using essential oils for emotional support!

What emotions do essential oils affect?

All of them! Yup, essential oils can help with all of your emotions. The trick is to find which oils work best for you and your body. Just like humans, essential oils are complicated and will work differently from person to person. One sings essential oil can be made up of many chemical constituents (which is a fancy word for a lot of little elements that make up a whole). Your body might decide to pull certain things from an essential oil that another person's body might not. We don't get to decide what our body needs, our bodies do, which is why there is NEVER a silver bullet answer with essential oils

The good news is there are however some general guidelines that seem to work for a majority of people!  

What essential oils help with emotions?

Most essential oils will support your body in some way. Some will offer physical support, some mental support, and other emotional support. You may need to do a little digging if there are some specific essential oils you are wondering about or feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

However, if you would like some recommendations then please check out the list that we have complied of what we consider to be the 5 best Young Living Essential Oils for Emotional Support


Young Livings Northern Lights Black Spruce is produced at Canada's only distillery located in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. Due to the very harsh winter conditions (-80°F without and -120°F with windchill) this far north these black spruce trees must be very strong to survive. The conditions are so harsh that most animals cannot live here as there is little shelter from the elements. 

However the benefit and possibly secret to this amazing essential oil are that these trees are exposed to the very intense northern lights regularly. It is believed that this exposure is what gives this oil its uniqueness. So unique that it even has a higher frequency than Rose Essential Oil.

This essential oil is commonly used to help you with managing negative thought patterns. We all get caught up in negativity from time to time and in those situations where you just can't seem to 'let it go' then Northern Lights Black Spruce is there to support you by grounding your mind and body.


It's no big surprise that Lavender helps with stress and relaxation, we've all known about this for a very long time. Its become such common knowledge that Health Canada has approved Lavender essential oil to be a Natural Health Product that helps with stress

So what makes Young Living's Lavender different from others? Well, a few things. First is the history that Young Living, specifically the founder Gary Young has established with the French who are world-renowned for being the pioneers of distillation. After spending many years earning the trust of the french Gary was given a few unique opportunities to help save the Lavender plants that were being killed by a 'plague'. Some of the healthy plants that grew in France were replanted at the Young Living Whispering Springs Farm and were kept there to thrive while the french dealt with the plague at home. 8 years later Gary was able to return the original strain of Lavender plant to its native home at the Simiane-la-Rotonde lavender farm and distillery 

Additionally, Lavender essential oil can be used for sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis, cough and cold, digestive discomfort and to relieve headaches


Lemon Essential oil is made through a process called 'cold-pressing' by which the essential oil is extracted through the peel of the fruit and not the inner parts. Most other essential oils are steam distilled which involves filling large vats with plant matter and pumping very hot steam into the vats. Over time the steam will extract the essential oil from the plant matter. This is done because the peel is the most nutrient-dense portion of the lemon due to its fat-soluble phytonutrients and because lemons contain such powerful antioxidant properties lemon essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils in the Young Living catalog 

Lemon oil has a purifying, cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the body. By cleansing your body of wastes and toxins you are improving your ability to focus and maintain clarity in your day to day activities. Use Lemon essential oil to detox your body and your mind!


It's important to note that peppermint essential oil is intense and far more concentrated than other essential oils. We have a funny story of a client of ours who used to use a different brand of essential oils before using Young Living. The business was a dog grooming business and used peppermint essential oil in the lobby to help freshen up the smell of wet dog. They typically put 12 drops of the other essential oil in the diffuser of the other brands' oil and only needed 1 drop of Young Living's essential oil to accomplish the same thing. The first time the did this they put 2 drops in and needed to open a door to air out the lobby. It's pretty potent stuff!

Use peppermint to It can effectively decrease feelings of fatigue caused by strenuous physical or mental work, stress, or a lack of restful sleep by diffusing it or applying it topically. NOTE - When applying any essential oil make sure that you dilute with a carrier oil and never apply neat

Additionally, Peppermint essential oil can be used for stress and relaxation or digestive discomfort


We've all heard about Frankincense Essential Oil by now and how it can support you in your health and wellness journey. It's pretty much one of the most fantastic essential oils ever discovered! 

What makes Young Living's Frankincense Essential Oil so unique is similar to our conversation around Lavender Essential Oil. Gary Young earned the respect and access to specific strains of Frankincense that no other essential oil company has access to. The tree, Boswellia Carterii is native to Arabian Peninsula (Oman, Yemen) and northeastern Africa. After much effort, Gary Young gained has been granted access to Oman which is where most history of Frankincense essential oil comes from.  

Frankincense Essential Oil is used for many things but focus, concentration, and meditation are the most common uses. 

What is the for these essential oils?

The great thing about this is that when you join our team you will not only be given access to all of the education, support, community, and team but you will also be given access to wholesale pricing. Below is a breakdown of what each essential oil would cost you if you were to buy them individually.

NOTE - the pricing will be based on 5 ml bottles. Some of these bottles are more commonly purchased in 15 ml sizes but for the sake of keeping this article, consistent pricing will be shown in 5 ml.  

Essential Oil
Young Living Northern Lights Black Spruce
CAD 30.755 ml
Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
CAD 15.005 ml
Young Living Lemon Essential Oil
CAD 10.205 ml
Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
CAD 12.755 ml
Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil
CAD 38.255 ml
If you were to buy all of these oils the total cost would be CAD 106.95.

Can I get these oils in one place?

Absolutely! Young Living has several Premium Starter Kits available with all of the above oils inside and more. Instead of trying to decide which oil to try first why not get all of them in one heavily discounted purchase? Each kit comes with the premium essential oil collection which contains 11 Essential Oils, a diffuser of your choice, Thieves Waterless hand purifier, 2 NingXia Red Samples and much more 

All of this for CAD 200.00. 

Canadian Young Living Rank Up Contest | Oct 1 - Dec 31 |

Canadian Young Living Rank Up Contest | Oct 1 - Dec 31 |

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Young Living believe's that having natural solutions can transform hearts and homes. That caring about others and sharing wellness can make a difference. That taking that extra care to connect with someone new gives them a step up in their wellness journey. That, when armed with natural essentials for home, body and spirit, the opportunity to for living an empowered life is a gift beyond measure.

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Rank Up Frequently Asked Questions


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Oh, Monday Mindset & Mudras

Oh, Monday Mindset & Mudras
Happy Monday! It's a day of the week that we associate with fresh starts, new ideas, abundant opportunities and so many people see Mondays as, well, the very opposite. 

Ever since we began working together as entrepreneurs we have learned that mindset really is everything. How you start your day, your week, your month, your year - it all has to do with how you set your own intentions. The good news is that nobody does this all on their own, we all need the help and support of our community. Keeping our head in the game requires a coach in sports, right? It's the same thing in real life. Sitting at home and left to our own devices we are easily self-swayed to the couch, in our pyjamas, watching re-runs of Love It Or List It with Jillian Harris. While maybe that's not a bad thing every once in a while, living an extraordinary life filled with extraordinary things is not an overnight achievement made with one single valiant effort. Jillian Harris didn't just become the star of her design show by accident. It takes focus, dedication, passion and hard. It can also take a little help.

Start your Mondays in Peachland, BC with us, Tonia and Colin, and experience a little push and nudge at the beginning of each week. Based on a monthly cycle, we have build workshops to inspire you to take action and see your goals through. It doesn't matter what they are, it just matters that they matter to you. In four week cycles we will work through lingering stress, release unwanted energy, get clear on our vision for the week and month ahead, set our intentions, consider old patterns, build our awareness of our immune system and walk out of these workshops empowered and courageous people.  

Tickets are available through eventbrite by clicking the link here: Oh, Monday Mindset & Mudras

Tickets are $25/per week or purchase a single ticket for the month and save some money! We are also offering a special promotion to launch our new workshops! Your first workshop is free with the Purchase of a Premium Starter Kit through our Young Living Distributor Website by clicking "products". It's a fabulous way to include essential oils into your everyday life and a great introduction prior to getting started with our workshops. There is no prerequisite to join these classes and you certainly do not have to have any prior essential oil or mudra knowledge to get the most out of our Mondays together. 

Kick those old habits to the curb and live your best life. Surround yourself with a community of women and men who are vibrating on the same frequency. Make and create your life. Join us on Mondays at 10am at:

Harbour House Yoga
4310 12th Street 
Peachland, BC V0H 1X6

Hope to see you there! 

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin
Founders of Team ESOS

iTovi to Simplify Your Essential Oil Journey

iTovi to Simplify Your Essential Oil Journey
How do you know what essential oils you could use to help but your body back into balance? 

In the beginning of our journey we didn't really know either and to be honest, we still don't. We're a really busy couple with full time day jobs, a hoe based business, a dog, our hobbies, marriage and a super fun social life. It's really handy for us - and probably for your busy life, too - when we're on the go and only have a minute or two to scan and run. 

The iTovi is a tiny handheld device that you hold facedown in your palm (with the oval metal portion touching your skin) and through an app on your phone you activate it to scan your body. The whole thing takes about three minutes from turning your iTovi on, to opening the app to seeing the results of your scan. 

What is the scan actually doing?

When you are scanning your body, the iTovi device is essentially making notes of your biomarkers (blood pressure or pulse, as one example) in your body. Your iTovi takes into account your gender and age range and selects products - we only ever scan for essential oils - that will help to put your body's biomarkers back into balance.


Cool, right?

We have found in our home that the iTovi scanner is most effective if we're consulting this teeny device about once a week so we typically scan on Mondays but you can choose whatever day works best for you. You can set the scanner to either provide 3, 5, 7 or 10 suggestions. We have ours set to select 10 for us but if we have a friend over who is either new to oils or just a little curious we might not overwhelm them with 10, so we definitely ask how many suggestions they'd like. Totally up to you and very easy to change in the app on your phone through the settings. 

Step #1 - Purchase your iTovi Scanner - you have 2 plan options but we always recommend the full buy out to avoid monthly payments forever. It def saves you money. 

Step #2 - Download the app on your phone once it arrives

Step #3 - Enter your information into your profile in the app

Step #4 - Start your first scan!

When your products list comes up the oils closer to the top are the more recommended suggestions. What we typically like to do is either diffuse a few of the oils together a couple of times over the next week and wear a few of the others topically. Since both of us are scanning together (#happyspousehappyhouse) we might compare oils and see if we have any that are #samesies so we can diffuse those ones in particular since we'll both get the benefits from those oils. 

Easy Peasy Resources For Balancing Your Body

There is no overthinking, no wondering if you got it right or worse, spending hours on the computer trying to make sure you're buying the right oils for you. The iTovi takes a lot of the guess work out of what our monthly orders look like. We make our list of oils from our scans that we don't have and build our Essential Rewards orders that way. #lifemadesimple.

Not using essential oils yet? You're in the right place - Team ESOS community is ready to help you every step of the way. Young Living essential oils accounts are 100% free and your amazing essential oil kit (every day oils + a gorgeous diffuser) will get you started on your journey. The success comes from joining this fantastic community full of: 

E: Empowerment S: Support O: Opportunity and S: Success. 

Set up your account to get started, purchase your first kit, wait for your welcome email from Tonia & Colin, your fearless and passionate leaders and then follow the steps to join our exclusive community page on Facebook. There you'll find an abundant files section with resources and more - weekly LIVE workshops on all things essential oil and healing your body& mind related. Tips, tricks, support, conversation; the only thing this community is missing right now, is you!

Join the community! Get started!

And get your iTovi!

With Purpose,


Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Health

Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Health
Health is all the rage these days. Am I right?

Everyone is giving their two cents worth with all of these before and after photos (typically not the same person, or the same outfit, let alone the same location.... so?). 

This isn't about the way that you look in a bathing suit. This is about how you feel in your body in your sweatpants OR your bathing suit. Healthy, whole, happy, glowing, strong and fit. The way you look is a byproduct of treating your body with wellness and healthy goodness. The point of life is to enjoy it - so what I'm not going to tell you to do is diet. Diets are notoriously unsuccessful because you go back to the lifestyle you were living before the diet once you've either reached your target (and celebrated) or after you decided it became too difficult. 

What if, instead, we thought about adding something simple to our lifestyle and just making a tweak or two to start?

#1 - Energy is something we all complain about at some point in our lives. We might be stressed, overworked, have a hard week with the kids (well not us, but you might have kids), or maybe we're just prone to getting sick. Building up a healthy immune system isn't just about eating right and exercise. Supplementation is very important. Even as vegetarians Colin and I don't ever get enough of the greens we need every single day. With this first supplement added to your daily regime, you will begin to feel increased and long lasting energy. No crashes in the middle of the day - just better balanced energy all day long. 

Multigreens from Young Living is Health Canada Approved as a Natural Health Product hat will help to support your whole body. Some of the amazing benefits are helping to support healthy liver function, a great source of antioxidants, protects your cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, a great source of amino acids and a fantastic supplement to use if you enjoy working out. 

One or two capsules a day is a very simple addition to your regime! So what's up next?

#2 - Do something creative. Your energy is stuck, you're bored, you're forgetting to be creative. Sing one of your favourite songs, write a poem, paint a picture, design a graphic, do a yoga practice, make a mala bracelet, play a song on the guitar, whatever it is. Release some energy and pour it into the world. Your tension will subside and your happiness will increase. Plus, now that you're taking Multigreens every single day, you have plenty more energy to be creative. Am I right?

#3 - Replace one cleaning product in your home with Thieves Household Cleaner. Each week, find a new way to use this cleaner, made from plants, minerals and essential oils from Young Living, to replace another cleaner in your home. This bottle will stretch a very long way, especially once you experience its versatility. Grab yourself a few spray bottles, add one capful and fill with distilled water for glass and window cleaner. Add 3-4 capfuls to another for every day surface cleaning including cabinets, cupboards, sinks, walls and baseboards. Lastly, add 4-5 capfuls for tubs and toilets - which darn near covers every single surface in your home. One single capful in your mop water with three drops pine and three drops lemon - hot damn! You will never, ever go back.

Now why would  talk about cleaner? Why and how will this switch be better for your health?

My friends, I have made it part of my mission to educate about "fragrance" as an umbrella term that allows manufacturers to sneak toxic chemicals into our every day products. Cleaning your floors and surfaces with one quick switch of  product is simple. You do not need to use dirty products to clean your home. When your body systems are bombarded by toxic chemicals all day long, you become tired, your immune system is busy fighting off this yuck - but this is any easy, simple fix.

There is a better way, and accounts are free. Start today and we'll help you every step of the way.

With Purpose

Tonia & Colin

Facebook & Insta: @tonia_and_colin
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