Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Health

Three Easy Ways To Improve Your Health
Health is all the rage these days. Am I right?

Everyone is giving their two cents worth with all of these before and after photos (typically not the same person, or the same outfit, let alone the same location.... so?). 

This isn't about the way that you look in a bathing suit. This is about how you feel in your body in your sweatpants OR your bathing suit. Healthy, whole, happy, glowing, strong and fit. The way you look is a byproduct of treating your body with wellness and healthy goodness. The point of life is to enjoy it - so what I'm not going to tell you to do is diet. Diets are notoriously unsuccessful because you go back to the lifestyle you were living before the diet once you've either reached your target (and celebrated) or after you decided it became too difficult. 

What if, instead, we thought about adding something simple to our lifestyle and just making a tweak or two to start?

#1 - Energy is something we all complain about at some point in our lives. We might be stressed, overworked, have a hard week with the kids (well not us, but you might have kids), or maybe we're just prone to getting sick. Building up a healthy immune system isn't just about eating right and exercise. Supplementation is very important. Even as vegetarians Colin and I don't ever get enough of the greens we need every single day. With this first supplement added to your daily regime, you will begin to feel increased and long lasting energy. No crashes in the middle of the day - just better balanced energy all day long. 

Multigreens from Young Living is Health Canada Approved as a Natural Health Product hat will help to support your whole body. Some of the amazing benefits are helping to support healthy liver function, a great source of antioxidants, protects your cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, a great source of amino acids and a fantastic supplement to use if you enjoy working out. 

One or two capsules a day is a very simple addition to your regime! So what's up next?

#2 - Do something creative. Your energy is stuck, you're bored, you're forgetting to be creative. Sing one of your favourite songs, write a poem, paint a picture, design a graphic, do a yoga practice, make a mala bracelet, play a song on the guitar, whatever it is. Release some energy and pour it into the world. Your tension will subside and your happiness will increase. Plus, now that you're taking Multigreens every single day, you have plenty more energy to be creative. Am I right?

#3 - Replace one cleaning product in your home with Thieves Household Cleaner. Each week, find a new way to use this cleaner, made from plants, minerals and essential oils from Young Living, to replace another cleaner in your home. This bottle will stretch a very long way, especially once you experience its versatility. Grab yourself a few spray bottles, add one capful and fill with distilled water for glass and window cleaner. Add 3-4 capfuls to another for every day surface cleaning including cabinets, cupboards, sinks, walls and baseboards. Lastly, add 4-5 capfuls for tubs and toilets - which darn near covers every single surface in your home. One single capful in your mop water with three drops pine and three drops lemon - hot damn! You will never, ever go back.

Now why would  talk about cleaner? Why and how will this switch be better for your health?

My friends, I have made it part of my mission to educate about "fragrance" as an umbrella term that allows manufacturers to sneak toxic chemicals into our every day products. Cleaning your floors and surfaces with one quick switch of  product is simple. You do not need to use dirty products to clean your home. When your body systems are bombarded by toxic chemicals all day long, you become tired, your immune system is busy fighting off this yuck - but this is any easy, simple fix.

There is a better way, and accounts are free. Start today and we'll help you every step of the way.

With Purpose

Tonia & Colin

Facebook & Insta: @tonia_and_colin

Free Peace And Calming & How To Not Waste Your Hard Earned Money

Free Peace And Calming & How To Not Waste Your Hard Earned Money
Who couldn't use a little peace and calming? Am I right? This amazing essential oil blend from Young Living Canada comes free with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit this month - and we know you're going to love it! 

Have you been researching essential oils and wondering what the craze is all about? When we first started using essential oils, even before we knew about Young Living Canada, there wasn't much of a buzz about the industry so it wasn't quite as convoluted as it is now.  Here's what I've learned since then. 

I don't want anyone to ever waste their money buying essential oils from anywhere else. They're not all created equal and most other companies compete in the essential oil market and end up stretching their oils with carrier oils or worse, chemicals or alcohols and passing them as 100% pure essential oils. That happens, truly. When you buy an essential oil for $5 and you don't know why it's not working the way I say Young Living's essential oils work - it's because you've wasted your money. Let me help to stop you from making that mistake. Take a chance. Take my hand. Buy the Premium Starter Kit, get a few free essential oils and let me help to walk you through using it. 

Here's a bit about how we stumbled through our essential oil journey and how we were wasting our money in the beginning. Essential oils come from plants, trees, flowers, and herbs. For years Colin and I were purchasing essential oils from our local health food store and the brand was growing all of their plants all in the same plot of land in the same climate, same soil, same terroir. Working in the wine industry for the last few years had really taught me the importance of growing different species in the exact terroir where those grape vines grew the best. 


Consider this. If a plant grows where it grows best, the nutrient value and quality of what that plant produces will be of much greater value than if we compromised where the plant was grown and settled for a less viable resulting harvest. 

Why would anyone want to grow a plant where it doesn't grow to it's best potential? Why wouldn't we plant something else there instead? Consider the wine industry. If you could grow California cabs in the same way as California, why wouldn't we? Some places try, but California does it so well because they have a fantastic climate for grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. Essential oils are in this exact same category when it comes to the value of where each plant is grown. Different species of plants require different temperatures, different soil consistencies, more or less water than others. Cacti can not grow in Alaska. 

What I want when I buy essential oils is for the best quality to be inside of the bottle I am spending my money on. It is so important to me that other people do not waste their money either. Why buy essential oils that are only partial to what they could be, or worse yet - adulterated? Since the industry is not regulated by any governing body there are a lot of companies out there that try to stretch their oils to make more money off of the supply they have. You never have to worry about that with Young Living because we own our own farms, we know the plants and how much they will yield and further to that our customers appreciate when an essential oil or a product goes out of stock. 

Many companies will stretch oils so their products don't go out of stock. Young Living isn't afraid to have a product go out of stock for as long as it takes. As distributors, we understand that quality is more important to our company and our customers. We'd rather wait for quality than compromise our essential oils, Savvy Mineral make up or any of our skin care products. Only the best ingredients go into everything Young Living makes and it's why both Colin and I trust and value this company for everything health and wellness. It's a lifestyle - from the quality foods that we eat, to the skin care products we use including repellents and sunscreen and all the way down to Tonia's make up and essential oil diffusers.

Each month on Essential Rewards we restock items like our:

  •  Dentarome or Aromabright toothpaste that is infused with essential oils - and the only natural toothpaste we have ever tried that doesn't make us gag. Finding a natural toothpaste we could both use was a 2 year adventure before we tried Young Living's toothpaste. If you have tried natural toothpastes, you know what we mean. They can be awful - so we always over stock on this brand so if it ever does go out of stock for a little while, we don't have to panic. 
  • Thieves dish soap is of those wonders of our world as well. We will never use another dish soap again in our home. When we started researching the dish soaps we had been using and found a warning label on the backside that said "poisonous if consumed" that was it! To make matters worse, it's one of the main brands we know you might use, too. Accumulative poison, even in tiny trace amounts, over and over builds up in our bodies and can make us very sick. Just eliminate that process. We do not need to use dirty products to clean our home.
  • Restocking essential oils that we use frequently in our homes. For us these are mostly essential oils that originally came in our Premium Starter Kit! Frankincense for our skin serum,  Northern Lights Black Spruce as Colin's cologne and also for meditation, Citrus Fresh in our Aromalux Atomizing diffuser to keep our guest bathroom always smelling fresh, lemon for an uplifting and gorgeous, clean scent in our home and more.
Joining with a free membership in Canada affords you 24% off of retail pricing with no obligation to purchase or sell. If you choose to sell or purchase more at a later date, we're here to support and guide you through that process. Team ESOS is a community of like minded people who are just looking to do better in their lives at home and otherwise. 

Team ESOS stands for

  • Empowerment
  • Support
  • Opportunity
  • Success
We can't wait to introduce you to the group. We know you'll fit in already, because if you're reading this still - you're just like Colin and I and we already love that about you. 

Join the team, get your Premium Starter Kit (choose the Desert Mist diffuser and we'll show you how to earn the Dewdrop diffuser for free!) and we'll get you started right away. Join here and let us know if you have any concerns. 

Email us day or night: or give us a call! 250-878-1146

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day
This weekend two of our best friends came in to town for a visit. They have a new puppy named Abigail (Abby for short) and she's just obsessed with Colin. She's been cuddling him non-stop. 

From our patio last night we were so grateful to find out that we were in the most prime location for watching the fireworks! What an incredible night we had sitting out there listening to the live music across the street, the sky filled with beautiful colours and sounds. Canada Day always brings such great entertainment. How fun is that? We are so happy to live where we do. It took a little moving around for the first few years but have we ever found our home. Our sanctuary. 

Today we're going to do a little wine tasting around town and show our friends some of our favourite places to go. We feel so grateful to live in such a vibrant, thriving town. We love the opportunities that we've afforded ourselves by working hard and building such a great foundation for our little family. We're grateful to be able to share in that love with some of our favourite people. There's nothing more we need in a day. Freshly ground coffee in the french press, home made breakfast, an afternoon exploring West Kelowna, BC, wine tasting, a big home cooked meal and a glass of wine on the patio. Perfection. 

Life is but a dream. 

How are you spending your Canada Day long weekend? 

With Purpose,

Tonia and Colin

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
It was over three years ago that both Colin and I, Tonia, made the decision to start looking for a Network Marketing company that we could align ourselves with. I'd attempted to build a freelance writing business a few years prior as well as one other business but they weren't quite the right fit for me.  Both of us had jobs, Colin working full time in sales and marketing in the fitness industry and I worked part time hours with preschool aged special needs children.

Now before I say anything that insinuates we disliked our situation back then I should say we were doing extremely well financially. To give you a quick insight into what that meant for us, we spent over $35,000 on our weddings (we eloped and then threw a gorgeous reception a week later) and we paid for this wedding in cash. Not one dime went on a credit card or was borrowed money. We also hadn't saved a single penny prior to. It took us under 10 months to pay for the entire thing, which we did one month at a time. The money was spent on three main values for us: our wedding bands, our photographers and our venues. 

That time in our lives was abundant, however, unbeknownst to us, would be highly unsustainable in the very near future. 

At this point,  September of 2015, we had made the decision after putting it off year after year. We were taking the leap of faith and moving provinces. Colin left his position, it ends up,  just before the economy in our previous home town saw a bit of a crisis. Colin watched as the company he had been employed by for over ten years went from being a 15 million dollar company to a 9 million dollar company the same year we left for the Okanagan. Had we stayed in Calgary, AB our income would have been slashed by around 30% since his  income was commission based at the time. The person who filled his position was earning about 50% less than Colin had the previous calendar year.

A lightbulb really went off for us here.At first it was reassuring to know that no matter whether we had stayed or moved, we'd have been faced with financial difficulty for some time. What was empowering was we knew this would be the last time we'd ever allow anything outside of our own power to dictate the outcome, our future. We had stepped out of our comfort zone and even in those earlier days when we were eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches for two meals a day, we knew. It's why we never gave up. We were determined. No matter what it took, we'd never throw in the towel. Every once in a while we'd think to ourselves, what if we'd stayed in Calgary, AB? What would our future have become?

However, the move didn't quite go according to plan. 

When Colin's job fell through upon arrival to the Okanagan, we had no idea what to do. We just did whatever it took to maintain our Network Marketing business, build on our skillsets, worry more than we've ever worried before in our lives, build some more, lean on each other, fight with each other, try everything we can think of to stay afloat. We took a huge leap of faith without checking to see how high the water was, but that wasn't important to us. We knew when we jumped that it didn't matter where we landed. We were going to do whatever it took to follow our dreams. Sometimes we would laugh in those days and say, "who are these people?!".

False Sense Of Security of a job (again!) can fall flat very quickly! So we put our heads down and worked even harder on our Young Living business. We didn't want to ever have to rely on a Jay Oh Bee ever again. Our retirement would be secured in our business, in our residual income. We wouldn't have to worry if one day we'd be let go or the economy would crash.

What is the benefit of Network Marketing and why did we choose this industry?

Other people had taken this path before us and some of them were actually sticking it out. Isn't it intruguing to see another person being successful? It is a reminder that we're not held captive by our pre-existing belief systems or boundaries - anyone has the capability can do great things with their lives. It truly is possible to rethink and recreate our lives. It took that huge leap of faith and whatever-it-takes mindset to really understand what that meant. When you see other people deciding to live better quality, more purpposeful lives - it doesn't matter who you are- it makes you do one of two things:

#1 - You become envious

#2 - You become inspired

We took action. We sought out a company that completely aligned with our values in terms of the products they provided. We fell in love with their philanthropic efforts all over the globe. I studied the compensation plan for six weeks straight until I confidently knew my way through the entire thing and could explain and teach it to others. What I came to realize was the level of freedom this kind of a business structure could actually build for our little family - but also how I could reach out and help so many other lives around me. There is no ceiling, there is no risk, there is hardly any start up cost, the products are amazing quality and the company had been around for decades. I won't lose my job and my pay is indicative of the effort I put into my business, not what my employer deems satisfactory. My earning potential is virtually endless and I immediately knew when other people came to understand those points, they'd want a more stable future, too.

We dove in.

Guys, we could have looked for other jobs. We could have chosen to live the rest of our lives being underpaid (we are really hard working people, where are my hard working people at?) but we'd never be completely fulfilled. We so yearn to travel the world together and we can't possibly do that with underpaying careers. We can, however, build our lifestyle through Young Living's business opportunity. We're going to buy the products anyways! They're the best quality essential oils we have ever used. They've got the cleanest makeup on the planet. They have the best solution for supplements out there! If we believe so much in the products we would refer them to people anyways, so why not build a business. Remember how we talked about our cushy jobs and comfortable lifestyle? Remember the economy fell apart a little bit and how much that had affected Colin's previous position? We grow this Network Marketing business all over the world. It isn't based on one economy and this business is residual income. 

What happened next was amazing. People resounded with our message and began to say the most bizarre thing to us.

You're so lucky.

Moving to the Okanagan was luck?
Building a Network Marketing business was luck?

Au contraire, my lovely friends.  It was courage and grit and empowerment. Some of it was a little fear as well. Both of our fathers have been recently laid off from their jobs, both in their 50's and both having been at their jobs for over 20 years. That fear of being in that position drives us even harder. Something we didn't even know was in us until we tried. The hard working and determined people we are made this possible. Not one drop of luck was involved at all. However, it has created a space where other people can connect with us and be introduced to a 24 year old Network Marketing company that has empowered the lives of millions of people world wide. Network Marketing has had a bad rap, and rightly so. Young Living Essential Oils has 94% product users, which means we are a product based company and we're changing people's minds about Network Marketing one day at a time. The remaining 6% is the number of people who actually build the business - that's us! And it can be you, too.

People do sometimes ask, "If I sign up as a wholesale member, do I have to build the business?" and the answer is no. 94% of all members do not build a business but if you change your mind, you can get started with the opportunity at any time.

We have all of the training required to get you started. Build your own future with us and we'll be there to help you every step of the way. 

Get started with your Premium Starter Kit on Essential Rewards and we'll immediately set you up inside of our private groups on Facebook. We can't wait to work with you!

With Purpose,


Getting Started With Young Living Essential Oils

Getting Started With Young Living Essential Oils
When you're getting started with Young Living essential oils the best thing to do is lean on your support team. That's right, when you join Young Living with Team ESOS, you have a whole customer service team built right in to your experience. We all started out with a Premium Starter Kit in Canada and the reason is because it's the best bang for your buck, it has everything you need to get started right away and you will have an arsenal of oil that are so versatile! This is an amazing value. 

What comes in a YL Premium Starter Kit?

Right to your door you receive a box with such a beautiful surprise inside. You receive a diffuser (I'd start with the desert mist diffuser because our 3 month substitution plan helps you earn yourself a free Dewdrop diffuser!), 11 essential oils and a few awesome samples of a wicked supplement we all love in the Team ESOS community called NingXia Red.

So what should you do when your Essential Rewards order arrives at your door?

There is a compartment underneath the oils in the Premium Starter Kit box. Lift up that tab, pull out your oils and voila! You'll find a few hidden treasures under there like Young Living's Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil, which is from Young Living's only Canadian farm in Fort Nelson, BC! You will also find a few packets of NingXia Red, which is a nutrient dense supplement drink made with wolf berries as well as a few other items to sample through.  After you have rummaged through those goodies, it's time to dive in and choose your first essential oil to diffuse. 

You really can't go wrong here. Open them all up, choose one you are attracted to right away and put 2 or 3 drops in your diffuser. Less is more with Young Living Essential Oils as they are pure essential oils distilled from the best quality plants around the globe. 

Did you know that Young Living is the only essential oil company who owns their own farms all over the world? They also have the largest essential oil distillery in the world! Read more about our farms here

Connect With Team ESOS

You are part of one of the best up and coming teams in this entire organization. The support you receive from the amazing community members is unlike any other team offers. We educate, offer guidance, conduct workshops and are available to you 24/7 from now on. If it's recipes you need, advice on resources to use at home to help navigate using your oils to their fullest potential - we got you! 

We have training constantly if you want it - and we have private groups we add you into as soon as you sign up with us. Accounts are free, Premium Starter Kits are worth their weight in gold (and are heavily discounted, did we mention that already?) and our online community group is extremely helpful.

Getting started with Young Living and Team ESOS happens now! Let's do this!

With Purpose,

Tonia & Colin
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